Our Mission

2m|d, LLC started business in 1990 analyzing true business needs and developing sustainable solutions to deliver business results.  Although technology has changed dramatically, this mission is still at the heart of what we do.

Our team is the very best in the area of architecture based analysis.  Put simply, we use visual architecture models to help understand, manage and link requirements information.  Our approach provides governmental and commercial organizations with sustainable requirements and sustainable architecture, a two for one value proposition which means that organizations large and small can remain agile in an environment of constant change.

An architecture based analysis approach is not IT focused.  Architecture based analysis is about business change, starting with organizational strategy (strategic requirements) though the requirements needed manage the change when it become the new normal way of doing things.  Because information technology is ubiquitous, it has become part of our every day activities so it is assumed to be part of our approach, meaning that the business change will be effective as technology improvements occur.

One last point about our approach.  It can be fun.  Not a word you often hear in business nowadays, but when you think about effective change, it is a word that should be used more often.